Love Letter to Self

A week ago, you officially become a woman not a girl anymore. Yes, you were one year old last week. Congratulation!! You are old now...

A week ago, you officially become a woman not a girl anymore. Yes, you were one year old last week. Congratulation!! You are old now, honey. No, I'm not telling you that you are old lady, but I'm telling you that you are all grown up. Start today, you have to act wiser than before. The thing is, I just wanna say to you that I love you. Once again, I love you to the moon and back. I know you since a little girl. I know all the struggles you've been through this all time. In this new beginning of your journey, I just want you to forget about the bad things that have ever happened in your life and be happy. That’s why I want you to know that you are worth it. Do you know why? Do you know that you are a precious human alive? So, this is 15 reasons why I love you, you are worth it, and everyone should love you too.

      1.      Love Family
    The first thing I love about you is you love and care about your family. For you, the most important things in your life is your family. They are precious more than anything. Because you know, they always by your side no matter what happened. Especially your mom.

     2.      You are a loyal person
     I know and everyone who understands you know, that you are a loyal person. Once you like or love something you will like it always (as long as it is still worthy). You never feel bored about it. That’s the other thing I like about you.

     3.      You are a Kind person
    I know you always get disappointment when everyone who ever dealt with you used your kindness. But hey, screw them! One thing you have to think is you did a good deed and what about them? They are just losers. Yes, LOSERS! Did a nice thing is never ever wrong. I know you know about this so that’s why you still be kind to others and I love it.

4.  Creative

     I like this side of you. Maybe you are not as creative as an artist or musician out there, but you have this skill. By this, I mean you have the idea of making a unique life journal, make your own painted shoes (no that good) and many others you have ever done. Maybe your work is simple but it is proof that you are a creative person.

     5.      Animal Lovers
     Your love for the animals especially cats makes me feel happy. I love how you interact with them. I love how you care about them and you have a pure heart about this one. I love how you play with them. Keep this kindness inside you.

     6.      Always Grateful
    No matter what the situations you are in, you always grateful and take the lesson from it. You are always grateful for every small thing, big things, and everything in between. Just so you know, I love it!

7.   One of A Kind

     I don’t know about the others but you are different than the others. You have a different point of view about anything. You think differently. I know maybe at first you haven’t accepted it yet that you consider yourself a “freak girl” but day by day, years by years you began to accept it and you found that you are not freak but unique as hell!! I’m so proud of you!

     8.      Respectful
     I know you have respectful to older people especially to your parents. This is the reason for the umpteenth time why I love you and you should too.

     9.     Strong
     Like what I said before, I knew you since you were a little girl. I know what has happened to you. I know what you have been through. I know you are struggling with so many things that sometimes you keep it to yourself. Hey, but see? You can handle those things alone, right? You have a strong heart and a strong mind and I knew you know about this.

     10.   Independent
     I have to admit it that you are an independent woman now. You always try to do anything by yourself and trying not to bother anyone else as long as you can do it by yourself. This is proof that you are an independent woman.

      11.   Cool
      I think you are a cool person. Yes, maybe your style is randomly you bought in any market and not branded thing, but in my opinion, you have your own style. I called it “cool-style-everyone-don’t-think-it-is-but-i-don’t-care-cause-it-is-cool-and-i-like-it”. Over! 
12.  BeYOUtiful


            Have I mentioned before that you are unique? Even though you rarely use makeup but lip tint and bb cream, and seems you don’t care about it. But for me Yyu are still a beautiful woman. You don’t need that much makeup just a little maybe and add confidence, by that so I guess the universe will nod if I say you are beautiful and that’s the best thing I can see in you.

      13.   Honest

      I knew, you are always to be honest and do not want to be a fake person because simply you don’t like it. You always appreciate honesty in any relationship. Because you want a peaceful mind, a happy mind not a toxic mind that caused by dishonest by anyone, anything, and also within you. I like it a lot!

      14.  Optimistic
      When life breaks you down like in a situation you never expect happened to you, you try to think positively and rise up and optimist that you will beat it. You strengthen yourself that the bad things you are struggling with will over soon and you will win. And most of the time you proof it You’re right. But other than that, You have the pessimistic side that I have to admit, I don’t like it. But You proof it you can beat it and always try the best so It doesn’t matter, honey.

       15.  Never Give Up
      You never give up on anything as long as it is still worthy of course. If it is worthy, you will fight till you get that in your hand. For example, You fight for your dream to come true. Yes, I knew it. You still trying to make your dreams come true and I believe it will. Just remember every challenge that might block your way to reach it just keep try, try, try, and don’t forget to pray, shalat and ask for your mother's prayer too. Just try for the best, okay? 

That’s all the reasons why I love you so much! You should do it to yourself. I knew You are so keep trying to do it! In this new stage of yours by this I mean, you are not a teenager anymore and now you have a job according to your passion. So, enjoy your life, stay true to your self, keep thinking positive and LOVE YOURSELF BEFORE SOMEONE ELSE. That's all I can say to you. Be happy always :)


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