Have Fun with Barong at Ciheurang Park!

Hello! I’m back with another story. But this is not ordinary story, i think this is gonna be fun and i hope it can be inspired. Ok let’...

Hello! I’m back with another story. But this is not ordinary story, i think this is gonna be fun and i hope it can be inspired. Ok let’s get started. Last Friday (3/11) my friends and i went to Ciheurang Park. The amount of us there are 8 people including me. We went there at 8.45 short of our expectation because one of my friends was late. Without waited her, we  ordered Grab Car. Fortunately she came simultaneously grab car driver arrived. without thingking anything we got into the car after we made sure that it was our ordered. In the car beside the driver there was Vero, the second car seats there were Santa, Fitri, Seli and Dwi, the last car seats there were Lulu, Yuni and i. And after everyone got into the car this trip had began. Yeayyyy!!!
in the Car
The Grab car driver was friendly and he tried to started chit chat with us dan told anything. We laughed and talked about the road that we have passed. About the building, traffic, location and of course about this assignment. After travelled about an hour we finally arrived. The location is quiet far. After we arrive in front of the gate, we got off the car and pay it afterward. Pakuan University – Ciheurang only Rp. 34.000 so, we just paid Rp. 5.000/person.

good bye car!

            Finally we arrived at Ciheurang Park. Yeayyy!!! we can only saw the beautiful green plants everywhere there. The distance between the gate and the cage is far enough maybe this is to anticipate the horses run away and missing. In the middle of the street there was small river and the right side there were three horses that were eating. And you know what? All of them was female and they’re adorable. After that we decided to meet the horse keepers Mr. Mamang and Mr. Yono. We asked them to explain anything there and they very welcomed. But, only Mr. Yono who guide us that day.


Mr. Mamang and Mr. Yono
Beside that, we met Barong and it is only 7 years old but he sure tall isn’t it?

             As Mr. Yono explanation, at the first time that place was vacant land. Then the land was purchased by the present owner. At first there were only three horses but then there is only Barong left. And now, there are 9 horses there and there are barong’s foal. The horse care turned out to be complicated either. we have to take it out of the cage every day, fed and watered it, and train it to remain strong. I found fact that there are a lot of types of horses. Such as G1, G2, G3, G4, G5, KPI (cross between G3 and G4). And you know what? The price of horses will reach 50 million rupiahs more if it’s age still young and vice-versa. Mr. Yono also teach us how to get to know it, how to riding it, and he explained many things.
             That day was hot and bright and it seem like our hope was come true. Because Bogor always rain after 12 o’clock and amazingly it didn’t. So, we decided to try riding Barong accompanied with Mr. Yono. The first person to try is my friend, Santa. My turn was after Yuni. I filmed it but i do not edit it yet. But you can see my picture riding Barong below if you want. Actually i faked smile in this photo because that was my first time to riding a horse. Fun and thumping. I can still feel it. Maybe i just did one lap but it was fun and fascinated. I feel like i’m princess riding a horse and wait for prince lol 
lemme narsis once hahaha
After we took a lot of pictures, videos, informations and also hot weather we agreed to leave that place and ready to say good bye with Barong. It such a wonderful horse. Oh i know other horses name Queen, Siti and 3 Pony horses etc. Before we leaving, like the other people do we took pictures with Mr. Yono, Mr. Mamang and the beautiful one, Barong. 
the last our session
 I can’t speak more because of this wonderful experience and trip i got with my friends. This is true and honest from my heart. And the last but not least See you guys!

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